Jonathan Bayliss Society

The Jonathan Bayliss Society will award $350 to present an accepted paper on Bayliss at an academic conference such as MLA or at the September 2020 Jonathan Bayliss Society Annual Conference in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Recipients must join the Jonathan Bayliss Society for the calendar year in which they receive their awards. 

May 2020 American Literature Association - San Diego

The JBS is sponsoring a roundtable discussion at the May 2020 American Literature Association conference on "Marriage and Other Domestic Entanglements in American Literature."  Information about the American Literature Association and the annual conference is available at

September 2020 Annual Jonathan Bayliss Society Conference - Gloucester

Short papers on the work of Jonathan Bayliss are invited to be presented at the annual conference of the Jonathan Bayliss Society September 12-13, 2020, in Gloucester, Massachusetts.  All those interested in Bayliss's work are invited to be considered for presentation. Send abstracts by June 15, 2020, to

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