The JBS is currently raising money for an exciting cause:
A short-run, fine-quality edition of Book of Ruth as a JBS publication.

About forty years ago, Bayliss gave a reading from Book of Ruth which he introduced by saying that a deal to publish it had fallen through. (See the link to the audio recording at - scroll to bottom.) Book of Ruth forms a chapter of the very long novel Prologos and will stand alone as a compelling work as Bayliss had hoped.

The text, which runs from page 791 to page 903 of Prologos, includes vivid scenes in Gloucester, Cambridge, New York City, and aboard a Navy ship, and, although fiction, reflects Bayliss’s experiences during the Depression, World War II, and his later life.

This commemorative edition of Book of Ruth will be used as thank-you gifts or honoraria, such as for guest speakers, JBS volunteers, contributors to Bayliss Society Notebook, or Bayliss scholars. As a small literary society, we do not have the funds to make gifts of cash or provide financial compensation.

The project can be completed at a cost of no more than $9,000. Costs will be minimized as the Society has been granted the license to publish the volume, and we have the ability to provide camera-ready content consistent with professional standards.

Layout and binding will be chosen to create a comfortably readable volume. We plan to use fine materials for the paper and binding to create a presentation-worthy and long-lasting hardcover edition.

The estimated cost of $9,000 for 250 copies includes printing, binding, shipping, distribution, other expenses, and a small contingency fund.

Once the funds are in hand we will select an appropriate printer and create a beautiful edition of Book of Ruth with which to thank those whose dedicated work fosters the mission of the Jonathan Bayliss Society.

Donations may be made – with a note specifying “Book of Ruth” - here or by check to Jonathan Bayliss Society, 11 Rocky Pasture Road, Gloucester MA 01930.

If you have any questions, send us an email at

Book of Ruth Committee
Catherine Bayliss, Dale Brown, Paul McGeary

Book of Ruth Update 9/4/2021

 Goal $9,000
 Raised to date
 Balance to raise
$ 2,665

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